portrait of Sarah and sonja, 2011

portrait of Sarah and Sonja




Feminine. Casual. International.


BLAME, the label of the designer duo Sarah Büren and Sonja Hodzode, stands for off-beat and wearable design, which combines elements of high fashion and street wear with durability. The two designers have a vision of fashion that can be worn for longer than just one or two seasons. With their special and yet everyday styles they fulfil the needs of the modern woman, who will find their favourite pieces for daily wear and for different occasions at BLAME.




The combination of vintage appeal and Zeitgeist


The two fashion designers have known each other since 2001 and have already worked for such luminaries as Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Michael Michalsky and Preen. After gathering experience at these international brands over a period of 5 years, they fulfilled their dream of launching their own label in Berlin in the winter of 2010. With BLAME they have created a brand that places its emphasis on timelessness and a love of detail. What the young women have in common is, among other things, a fascination with special finds and collector pieces, which they first encountered in the wardrobes of their mothers and grandmothers. Today this enthusiasm finds expression in the vintage-inspired collection, which is combined with contemporary design and presented in a tongue-in-cheek manner.




Expressly classical strictness 
paired with traditional
finishing and unusual materials


The designer duo has an ironic way of using stitching and traditional materials. The feminine look and feel of the collection is broken up by conventional elements and plays with a timelessly charming vintage appeal. Patterns and subtle details such as colourful piping enrich the simple, almost classical cuts. Casual basics in special materials supplement the collection and influence an unmistakeable style.




Subtle & unusual
instead of brash


The duo has a talent for selecting the right colours and materials, thus creating an independent BLAME look. The use of atmospheric colours and graphic prints makes the clothing by BLAME unique and international. At the same time, the collection does not appear brash, but rather delicate and gentle. And above all: timelessly feminine.


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